Approximately two weeks prior to the course, you will receive an email from the lead instructor or a staff member of Cogent Steps, LLC informing you of details of the course, to include exact location, parking and any specifics of the location.  We rely on our generous hosts including clinicians and clinics for support for our course locations.

Both the three day full course and the one day recertification course usually run 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day. On that last day, the course may finish slightly earlier than 5 pm. If you have travel concerns, please let the lead instructor know ahead of time and accommodations can be coordinated.

Once you sign up for a course you will need to order the instructional materials required. There are different requirements for each course:  Cogent Steps, LLC recommends purchasing textbooks and workbooks from the Red Cross Store. ​

ALL students must have an adult/infant CPR mask set for ALL courses.  Pre-purchase and have it delivered to your course!

For students taking the full EMR course, the following items must be purchased: 

  • You must purchase either the hard copy text book or download it onto your device: Emergency Medical Response Textbook, Rev 12/17
  • You must purchase the Emergency Medical Response Workbook, Rev 12/17.  Ensure that you have the revised edition.  Do not purchase on  **This workbook must be completed prior to attending your course.  (Students have reported this workbook takes approximately 10 - 12 hours to complete before course.)
  • You must have an Adult/infant CPR mask set.  You may pre-purchase online from Cogent Steps, LLC. 

For students taking the 1-day recertification course, the following items must be purchased:

  • You must bring your previously purchased textbook or download the required textbook onto your device: Emergency Medical Response Textbook, Rev 12/17
  • You must have an Adult/infant CPR mask set.  You may pre-purchase online from Cogent Steps, LLC

**While we coordinate with our hosts, on a rare occasion  a situation may arise  where a course needs to be cancelled or postponed due to administrative, contract or registration issues. We make every attempt to decide 14 days prior to the first day. We recommend purchasing refundable tickets and hotel rooms or the purchase of travel insurance should a cancellation or postponement occur.  Students are welcome to transfer between courses if a conflict arises.