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Residency/Fellowship director newsletter from ABPTRFE- April 2018

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​​Running with the "Silent Killer" Heart Condition HCM

Ryan Shazier spinal injury video - Head down contact results in spinal contusion.  Take not of the spine boarding and packaging of the athlete.

Don't Die.  Don't Leave Us.  The frantic effort to save the life of SC State's Ty Solomon

Action Alert: Reintroduction of Sports Medicine Licensure Clarity Act
April 4 saw the reintroduction of the Sports Medicine Licensure Clarity Act (S. 808) in the Senate. Introduced by Sens. John Thune (R-SD) and Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), this bill would provide added legal protections for sports medicine professionals when they're traveling with professional, high school, college, or national sports teams by extending the provider's "home state" professional liability insurance to any other state the team may visit.

This bill, passed out of the House in January, originally didn’t include PTs but our advocacy from the Sports Section, along with support from APTA staff, led to PTs being included in the list of eligible providers. We are extremely thankful for the overwhelming support this legislation received in the House and want to continue this momentum in the Senate, hopefully seeing passage and the bill being signed in to law during the 115th Congress, but we can’t achieve this without your support.

This legislation is imperative to gaining the necessary protections to allow us to continue to provide these crucial sports medicine services to athletes as they travel across the Country. Please email your Senators through APTA’s Legislative Action Center and request that they cosponsor this bill today!

Please contact Ken Sprague at with any questions.

EMR courses are now NATABOC approved for CEU’s.  SPTS is an approved provider (approval number P754), Cogent Steps is here to deliver!

With your SPTS Certificate from Cogent Steps, LLC, students will be granted NATA CEU’s.

Football and CTE:  In New Study, Nearly All Donated NFL Player Brains Found to Have CTE:  NPR

Sport specialization increases injury risk for high school athletes, study finds

​​FDA Clears First Device Specifically Designed to Assess Function After Concussion

How You Might be Worsening a Child's Concussion 

​​Legislation and Laws for concussion management per state 

-- enter keyword concussion + state name

Hands Only CPR 

Cogent Steps, LLC, is an independent, woman and service disabled veteran owned small business, serving as consultants for a myriad of related services under Emergency Management, including 
• education
• large venue event management
• international security cooperation
• cross cutting strategic planning  

Cogent Steps, LLC is an NATABOC provider offering the Emergency Medical Response course for the Sports Physical Therapy Section. EMR registrants may include students and licensed providers in athletic training, nursing, physical therapy and physicians.

Cogent Steps, LLC also provides other services including sports medicine continuing education, consulting and training in emergency management, first aid, and Red Cross certified babysitting.

Cogent Steps, LLC is not an approved educational provider for firefighters and EMT professionals who need to complete training and testing for the national registry exam. 

Cogent Steps, LLC, is owned by I. Reid Bessenger and Michele Leavitt Weinstein, PT, MS, SCS, ATC. Cogent Steps, LLC Consultants have a depth of experience providing direct support to private clinics, universities, professional and national athletic organizations and other organizations. Cogent Steps, LLC bring their clients the skills and knowledge needed in the area of Emergency Management.

If your organization is interested in scheduling an Emergency Medical Responder Course at your facility, please contact Reid Bessenger of Cogent Steps, LLC at 703.971.4834 or by email at

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